June 2010, Berlin (DE) / Utrecht (NL)

My aunt Gerda is always called Kai within my family, though strangely no-one really knows why. This name-switch intrigued me and I was surprised to find this same combination of names in a neo-romantic folk tale by H.C. Andersen. In this tale seven stories are told in which the personal emotion and the connection with the (super)natural are the main themes. These aspects I used to create two characters, together they are one sexless person, but also still two individuals.

These characters were translated into genderless clothing that can be read like the several layers that comprise a story. In search of transformation, driven by the desire to connect and by personal memories. Several disciplines coincide in my work and the characters are given control of the articles of clothing.

presentation film: wouter venema and kimmy spreeuwenberg music: eklin

photo's: claudia crobatia, models: Marjolein and Nico