Aiming to communicate sensitivity and delicacy of feeling as key concepts. Multimedia is used to connect several different layers in order to form one expressive texture. Mixtures of several disciplines and independent ´objects’ tell poetic stories which are driven by (personal) histories, biology, gender and social relevance. In multimedia projects, clothing and textiles are used as communicative devices. The name IKKAI, which is partly used as a pseudonym, emerged from a fascination with old family traditions and gender issues. It is a combination of the characters Gerda and Kai, also occurring in a story by H.C. Anderson, and used as a tradition to replace the name Gerda for Kai. The work ´IK´ means ´I´ in Dutch, the name KAI represents the male side of the twofold personage. IKKAI turned into an alter ego of neutral gender.

* Member of designcollective t h e o f f e r b e r l i n

Currently living and working in Amsterdam(NL)
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